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Mürren-Schilthorn AG

Author: Nicol
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Mürren-Schilthorn AG

A must for all sledge friends, because this rapid and diverse departure promises fun for the whole family...

Discover the snow-covered mountains of Mürren - once you been have up here, you will no longer want to leave. After the adventurous gondola ride from Steckelberg, you will reach the picturesque car-free zone of Mürren. And this is where the fun first really starts - 'Children, step this way' and let yourselves be comfortably pulled across the idyllic panoramic views of the mountains through the village and up to the rack railway of Allmendhubel. As soon as you reach the top, the fun can begin as you speed down the `Bob Run' into the snowy mountains.
The name speaks for itself: the run promises a sparkle in children's eyes - sometimes slow, sometimes fast - sometimes narrow, sometimes wide. You will enjoy this diverse downhill ride no matter what.
Note: The Bob Run is also used by skiers for some of the time, which means that drivers should be confident in their steering and breaking talents.

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Further information

Length sledge way: approximately 5 kilometres
Sledge rental company: in every sports business possibly


Stechelberg-Mürren (normal rate):
Adult: simply 10.20 CHF. return 20.40 CHF
Children till 16 years: simply 5.10 CHF. return 10.20 CHF
From Mürren to Allmendhubel (normal rate):
Adult: simply 6.00 CHF. return 12.00 CHF
Children till 16 years: simply 3.70 CHF. return 7.40 CHF
Catering: various mountain inns and restaurants in the place
Age: not suitably for families with babies. We were from an infancy of 2 years the first time there. The children should well be able to sit and not be afraid.
More Activities:
everything what desires the winter heart: Skiing, Boarden, walking and more... simply to recommend.


Mürren-Schilthorn AG
Höheweg 2
3800 Interlaken
Bern / Switzerland

+41 (0) 33 826 00 07