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Author: Nicol
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The longest coasting slide in the Vierwaldstättersee is 9 km long and leads from the Klewenalp by a wonderful winter panorama...

The snowy paradise Klewenalp is a wonderful destination for the whole family.
Once you arrive at the top, it's time to strap on the skis or snowboard, hop on the sled, put on the snowshoes or simply let the fun begin amidst the magnificent peaks. This wintery paradise is as if it were specially made for families: a great selection of ski-runs (40 km of well groomed runs with various degrees of difficulty), the longest sled run in central Switzerland, trails for snowshoeing, hiking trails and a good ski and snowboard school, child care and play paradise - and all of that for a fair price. Not only will your wallet be happy ... the whole family will, because this is an outing you can afford to do often.

Also Perfect for Small Children

Families - even those with small children - can heartily enjoy wintery Mother Nature along the `Schlittelweg' with the opportunity to hike and sled. The path (Schlittelweg Chälen, 3.7 km) starts with a walk at the Klewenalp, which goes past the lively ski-runs and offers an unbelievable mountain panorama. Then the quick decent all around the Klewenstock to the 'Twäregg' begins. It is a true enjoyment with plenty of beautiful, inviting places for the obligatory snowball fight or a wonderful picnic under open skies. Or, if you prefer something warm to eat or drink, you can pop into one of the restaurants or the snow-bar.
Once you arrive on top of the 'Twäregg' you'll enjoy a beautiful view of the twin mountains `Mythen' and the village of Brunnen in Canton Schwyz before starting the 9 km sled run. Away you go: you'll sled along snowy paths through the woods down to the lodge. Here, if you'd like, you can come in, or let the kids romp some more on the playground. Then you'll sled down more wide paths to Emmenten. Along the way fly through the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful views of the Vierwaldstättersee. Once you've arrived in the village, you can comfortably take the buss back to Beckenried.

With the Stroller

For families with a stroller, this winter destination also has something to offer - the magnificent panorama path is the perfect place for a walk in the sunshine. It won't be just the small ones who get excited!

For Adrenaline Fans

Those courageous Airboard fans can now (new!) let the wind whistle past their ears on the 3.7 km long `Chälenstrecke'. Flying down the hill on your belly - that takes a lot of nerve! The boards can be rented at the mountain station.

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Further information

Length sledge way: 6 kilometres, with walk: 9 kilometres
Sledge rental company: 10.00 CHF per day
Day ticket with own sledge
Adult: 34.00 CHF
Youngster (16-19 years): 28.00 CHF
Children (6-15 years): 23.00 CHF

Catering: various mountain restaurants
Age: Children should be able to stand it for a while in the cold; nevertheless, the way is suitable - in company of adults - already for the smallest.
More Activities: everything what desires the sportsman's heart: Skiing, Boarden, walking...


Bergbahnen Beckenried-Emmetten AG
6375 Beckenried
Nidwalden / Switzerland